Music Video of the Day

¬† more about “untitled“, posted with vodpod Uh, why didn’t I think of this first? I think I need to revamp Grlbhvingbadly into an online show where I can wake ‘n bake with my Obama shirt. Anyway, turn this video on as you chill and ‘do what it do’ today. Or if you’re a masochist, […]

F-You, You Hypocritical Bastards!

I am SERIOUSLY in the mood to bitch slap some bitches. I found out some really horrible news that I thought would tide over. But of course it wouldn’t because our society is retarded. Anyway, Michael Phelps lost his endorsement with Kellogg and has been suspended from USA Swimming for three months without pay. USA […]

Michael Phelps is a Pothead

If you already don’t know, Dolphin god Michael Phelps has recently¬† come under fire for a picture of him taking a bong hit at a friend’s place at USC (no, not Cali, the shitty GameCOCKS) And my god, people are outraged! The double-bagger (haha) apologized for his ‘outrageous’ behavior. Phelps released the following statement to […]

Stoners Beware! Feds Wasting Taxpayer Money…Again

The Feds are currently searching for a 65-year old man named Johnny Boone aka The Godfather of Grass of the Cornbread Mafia, famous in the late 1980s (Reaganite era) and once lead the world’s largest domestic Marijuana ring. Great man. He was seized over 20 years ago for having 200 tons of Marijuana! I’m shaking […]