Is Our Glass Half Full?

With everything that’s been going on — from Giffords attempted assassination to 300 cows mysteriously dead, I wanted to take the time to write a post that’s a bit more uplifting. I know I tend to bask in the negative, so I want to take the time to shed some light in areas that need […]

So We Meet Again World.

I am a speck, you are a speck. We are all specks of dust in this vast universe. Human cultures have not lasted nearly as long as human life has existed on this planet. We live in a world that naturally practices checks and balances as well as constant recycling. And you know what we […]

I Don’t Get It….

Okay so the Republicans as of late have been on this anti-government run. They feel it’s getting too big and and powerful. I like to think of their example of this as the big huge machine in “The Matrix.” They have been so adamant about defending America from government and unjust practices — that they […]

Oh Shit

Just when you think things couldn’t get any worse for the world… Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu expressed some colorful words regarding Iran attaining the technology to harvest nuclear weapons. On Thursday he addressed the UN General Assembly pleading especially with western states to put an end to such religious fanaticism — referring to nation […]