Gov’t Pantyliners Stop WikiLeaks

Proven fact, government pantyliners did just that. For those of you who are too occupied with Kim Kardashian dying on Twitter, Julian Assange hasreleased more than 250,000 classified government documents which expose the dirty doings behind Washington’s iron curtains. The documentsalso expose the wrongdoings of foreign governments, which is currently placing lawmakers in a national […]

I Had a Dream Last Night…

That Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, and Glenn Beck were subsequently murdered. And it was a fantastic dream because it felt as if journalists could finally take back the media. And then of course I woke up. I know, I know — it’s awful to dream about someone being murdered. I really do hope the day […]

Texas: Dumbing Down Children, One at a Time

I have not felt this pissed off since people couldn’t define socialism during the 2008 election. I cannot believe that right before my eyes I am witnessing the human race devolve. Be ready to gouge your eyes out with this news: Texas is rewriting history. How are they doing this? By removing lessons relating to […]

Arizona: Incredibly Progressive or Progressively Stupid?

So I’ve already written an article about the recent illegal immigration bill that was passed in Arizona, and now it seems they have taken measures in the education field. The Arizona school chiefs are planning to ban ethnic studies courses that promote racial resentment and Marxism. Yeah — I couldn’t make that up. The chiefs […]