I Had a Dream Last Night…

That Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, and Glenn Beck were subsequently murdered. And it was a fantastic dream because it felt as if journalists could finally take back the media. And then of course I woke up. I know, I know — it’s awful to dream about someone being murdered. I really do hope the day […]

I Don’t Get It….

Okay so the Republicans as of late have been on this anti-government run. They feel it’s getting too big and and powerful. I like to think of their example of this as the big huge machine in “The Matrix.” They have been so adamant about defending America from government and unjust practices — that they […]

What About Black Conservatives?

So I was skimming through some websites, watching the hatred unfold in the comments section about the administration’s health care bill passing. As I mentioned before, it really irks me that somehow  black people are carrying the blame for anything Obama does– as if when this guy takes a shit, we’re there with baby-wipes.  It’s […]

Video of the Day

                              more about “Kanye West – Gay Fish [South Park]“, posted with vodpod So a couple of days ago, South Park aired this really funny episode about fishsticks featuring none other than Kanye West and his ego. Jimmy and Cartman come up with this really funny joke about how if you like fishsticks (fishdicks) in your […]