Is Our Glass Half Full?

With everything that’s been going on — from Giffords attempted assassination to 300 cows mysteriously dead, I wanted to take the time to write a post that’s a bit more uplifting. I know I tend to bask in the negative, so I want to take the time to shed some light in areas that need […]

I Think Everyone is Missing the Point

One of the most controversial political topics being talked about around the internet is Arizona’s new immigration law. What everyone is saying is that the law gives law enforcement the ability to ask people of suspicion whether or not they have “papers” or proper identification to be in the state. Now don’t get me wrong, […]

South Park Already Did It

I am a huge fan of South Park. And it shouldn’t surprise anyone familiar with the show that they went the shock route. So much controversy has surrounded the issue of the Muslim religion and the image of Mohammed that they now are receiving death threats from supposedly “non-terrorist groups.” But what really has me […]

What About Black Conservatives?

So I was skimming through some websites, watching the hatred unfold in the comments section about the administration’s health care bill passing. As I mentioned before, it really irks me that somehow¬† black people are carrying the blame for anything Obama does– as if when this guy takes a shit, we’re there with baby-wipes.¬† It’s […]

Want Some Free Shit?

Mike Seaver is coming to a college campus near you!! Kirk Cameron recently made a web video about the moral decay of our society by atheism. November 19, 2009 will mark the anniversary of the book “Origin of Species” by Charles Darwin. So, in order to open up the eyes of non-church goers, they will […]

Oh Shit

Just when you think things couldn’t get any worse for the world… Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu expressed some colorful words regarding Iran attaining the technology to harvest nuclear weapons. On Thursday he addressed the UN General Assembly pleading especially with western states to put an end to such religious fanaticism — referring to nation […]

“Ain’t No Power Like the Power of the People

…cause the power of the people don’t stoooop.” Yeah, I’m feeling this little rhyme that became popular of the now infamous G20 protests in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. My friend Erik sent me the following video which captures the eery messages blaring through the speakers. Anarchists came out to protest against capitalism and for pro-environmentalism — and […]