Wow. So it’s been a while. Hello internet world, how have you been?

Me? Same old stuff. Except with a corporate job comes the inevitable “putting things on the back-burner” attitude.

For a while I became depressed from my posts. Not in a clinically diagnosed way, but I was irritated with everything I was reading in the news — especially about politics.

So here are. The 2012 presidential elections are right around the corner, and here are a few issues that make my want to scratch out my eyes:


Birth control/abortion


*If you do not have a vagina, shut up. Also, birth control? Come on. Punish someone for being responsible? And with welfare being a huge issue considering many of the recipients are single mothers, I consider the above two things to be more of a positive thing for society. But then again, there goes my tiny female brain rambling off…


Binders of women

Honey Boo Boo child is and her family are famous for something that I am unsure of.

** All I know, is that her mother makes a spaghetti dish and the sauce is compiled of a gallon of ketchup and a stick of butter. They call it sketti sauce.








They call it sketti sauce.

Shame on you America.


People still can’t differentiate between socialism, communism, and Marxism! If Obama should focus on one thing after re-election, it should definitely be the schools. 


Foxconn exploits workers. Yes, that iPhone you hold near and dear was made by a teenager who works in very harsh working conditions in Zhengzhou, China. But hey, as long as you continue to stand in line in front of the Mac store for 12 hours, the world’s just going to keep on spinning.








BILL CLINTON ROCKED THE DNC (opinions may vary – not mine, but others)


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