Smoking Pot Makes You Crazy

Every morning before I go to work I listen to a little radio show called the “MJ Morning Show.” MJ — the host and main DJ — is this right-wing square that loves to put in his two cents about politics and how awesome he is having never smoked any drugs. So this morning he brings up a story from the news about “Marijuana Psychosis.” I have heard about this before from those weird Marijuana addiction websites, but now there’s a full-fledged study about the risk of heavy smoking.

Researchers studied over 1,900 subjects in a period of over ten years. What they found was that Marijuana increases the risk of psychosis, but the study does not address whether or not it is a direct cause.  However, “even when other factors such as socio-economic status, use of different drugs and other psychiatric conditions were taken into account.” (BBC)

But does this have to do with the type of Marijuana being smoked? Some feel that the MJ from back in the day was less potent compared to the stuff being grown and smoked today. Sir Robin Murray of the Institute of Psychiatry “said the study added “a further brick (ha!) to the wall of evidence” showing that use of traditional cannabis is a contributory cause of psychoses like schizophrenia.” (BBC)

So I guess all of these subjects had no pre-existing conditions that could have lead to this? One minute they’re saying there are increased risks from Cannabis usage, the next they’re saying it contributes to mental illnesses such as schizophrenia. I would think if you are at risk of schizophrenia, smoking skunk and becoming paranoid will definitely contribute to a psychotic breakdown. Some of us need to smoke to keep from having them.

But then again, this is a tale as old as time. Nothing in excess (caffeine, alcohol, soda, carrots) is good for you.


One thought on “Smoking Pot Makes You Crazy

  1. i dont think mj causes any mental defects. i was diagnosed with add as a child annd took several different meds in the first 8 years to help control it. when i was 14 i started smoking pot and relized i didnt need those meds as long as i smoked a lil pot daily. in the last 16 years the only time i had to go back on the meds was after i stopeed smoking for any lenght of time. as far as these study go im sure its the same political bs our government officals have been trying to shove up our asses for the past decades

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