A Sad Day in America

It appears that Sarah Palin and Glen Beck’s rhetoric really does work. Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords (D) was shot in the head by terrorist Jared Loughner. She is still in critical condition. A nine-year-old girl was shot, a Federal Judge, and a few on-lookers were shot and killed, with an additional amount of others injured. The gunman is (not surprisingly) tied to a White Nationalist group known as the American Renaissance, an anti-immigration, anti-semitic, anti-anything that isn’t white and stupid kind of group.

Arizona has not quite built itself the best reputation. The state made headlines for the controversial SB 1070 immigration law, as well as their major changes to school district’s diverse education curriculum. Giffords has previously dealt with death threats due to the health care bill. Her political opponents urged followers to “Get on target for victory” and help “remove” Giffords from office at a June event in which participants could shoot an automatic rifle. Our favorite idiot Sarah Palin listed Gabrielle Gifford’s seat as a “target” on her “hit list.” Below is a picture from “Take Back the 20” of targets all over the country. The targets highlight Democrats who supported the current health care bill.

Here is another image of the map with a list of all the democratic candidates:

This tragedy is a clear example of partisanship gone too far. Right-wing media is demanding that its angry white citizens “take America back” from the supposed leftists in our country (ironically Gabrielle Giffords was considered more of a Blue Dog Dem.) The prayers of Sarah Palin and Glen Beck have been answered. “Don’t retreat– reload” has trumped political debate and compromise. What these kind of people want is another Civil War. It also makes one wonder what this means for the election of 2012. How can Republicans redeem themselves when their party has been tainted racists and bigots who use the 2nd Amendment as an excuse to rid the country of those who don’t believe in their views? How long before someone else entranced by Fox News decides to take matters into their own hands and decide what’s right for America not only by killing a politician, but American citizens all together?

Arizona has now become the center of hate and bigotry in our country. The right-wing media needs to be held responsible for calling these nut-jobs to arms in the first place. Telling people to bring guns to a political rally but pretending as if nothing could go wrong because of that is absolutely ridiculous. Here is a video and quote that best sums up the catalyst of this tragedy from Keith Olbermann:

“If Glenn Beck who obsesses nearly as strangely as this Mr. Loughner did about gold and debt – and who wistfully joked about killing Michael Moore – and Bill O’Reilly who blithely repeated ‘Tiller the Killer’ until the phrase was burned into the minds of his viewers; if they do not begin their next broadcasts with solemn apologies for ever turning to the death fantasies and the dreams of blood lust, for ever having provided just the oxygen for those deep in madness for whom violence is an acceptable solution then those commentators and the others must be repudiated by their viewers and listeners, by all politicians who would appear on their programs – including President Obama and his planned interview with Fox on Superbowl Sunday, and repudiated by the sponsors and by the networks that employ them.”

Expect further updates.

Images courtesy Business Insider


10 thoughts on “A Sad Day in America

  1. No, they didn’t arm themselves and shoot her. But the violent messages they put out in the media is definitely going to speak to a lot violent people. They need to be responsible for the type of content they release into the mainstream media.

    • I have to disagree with you too. The shooter is crazy, Beck and Palin have nothing to do with it, period.

      Suppose they do try to incite violence, just for the sake of argument. Don’t you think, with as many fans as they have, this would be much, much worse?

      Although we do not agree, I like your blog and respect your opinion:)


  2. Think about the influence Charles Manson had on the people he lead. He didn’t commit any crime himself, but he was still responsible for the action they carried out. Would you think otherwise?

    • Manso directly led his followers to commit their crimes. I see what you are trying to say but it is not even close to the same thing.

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  4. Well I didn’t intend for that to be a literal example, bbut an example of influence. Beck and Palin cannot take full blame, but they are still powerful forces in the media. To pretend as if their rhetoric advocating violence isn’t influencing people is just plain ridiculous. They have been avid supporters of the widening partisanship happening in this country.

  5. I have to give you great credit, grrl, for having the nerve to leave this ridiculous blog up here. You chronicle the idiocy of the left and, now that it is clear that Beck and Palin and targets being drawn over districts had nothing whatsoever to do with Giffords’ shooting, you have left this up. Many other blogs have pulled similar postings, embarrassed at placing ideology over facts and being so wrong. You have stones, miss grrl.

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