Happy (Belated) New Year!

He has come to punish the socialists!!

So it’s a brand new year, and one of my resolutions is to update my blog more often. I tend to get caught up in this mess called life, but blogging always brings me back to sanity (I think). Although it may be a refreshing start for many of us, it’s the same old bullshit in Washington. Here’s what we can all look forward to in 2011:

Evil photoshopping of EVIL OBAMA!!!

More birds are dying and falling out of the sky, as well as mass death of fish populations. Of course people think this has something to do with the end times because socialist-communist-fascist Obama and the Devil are planning our demise on the island of Hawaii, surrounded by a council of Jewish-Arabic-Kenyans that hate America. GOD IS PUNISHING US ALL FOR THIS!!! REPEAL HEALTHCARE SO GOD IS PLEASED!! I’m really surprised that these supposed “fact checkers” haven’t simply logged onto the internet to find past examples of this happening. The government has a history of controlling large bird populations, which tend to affect farmers. Plus, why can’t anyone believe for a moment that these deaths be attributed to humans rather than a deity? Oh my America, how you constantly misplace blame.

However, if the signs of the end times were true, we have Congress to blame. John Boehner (a guy I make fun on here a lot) is now the Speaker of the House. So now we can look forward to tears whenever he reflects on his 1950s image of America as long gone. Oh, it must be so painful to be you John Boehner. How can we live in a world where people of all backgrounds and classes have access to basic healthcare? It’s a travesty I tell you!! A TRAVESTY.

Elsewhere in the Legion of Doom, Republicans are planning (of course) to extend tax cuts to the wealthy, revising the Constitution and keeping any mentions of slavery out, denying immigrants citizenship while employing them in their expensive mansions, continuing to deny climate change and hope that all the ice caps melt so we can find more places to drill, and continue to use Arabs/African Americans/Hispanics/Asians/Atheists/Jews/Gays etc. as scapegoats.  And the rich keep getting richer.

All in an honest day’s work!

In the entertainment aspect of things, things are still incredibly stupid. That very orange Troll from that MTV show about stupid Italian stereotypes if building her own empire.

I mean, really?

Despite over-expansion and inflation, wasn’t their desire of frivolous entertainment another sign of the empire’s fall? “Bread and circuses” has turned into “reality shows and Mountain Dew.” Virtue has died, the desire to protest has died, the American Dream has died (wasn’t really ever real), along with altruism and truth. We are faced with a shallow pop culture speaks to our desires but does nothing to contribute or help with the well being of society.

It’s still making us dumber.

So 2011 probably won’t be full of many surprises after all. More animals will probably continue to die and we’ll keep blaming everything else but ourselves. Politicians will continue to not help people by not fixing anything. America and its citizens will continue to spiral further into debt. Racism will continue to keep the divide and conquer strategy alive.

And people will keep asking if Hawaii is even a state.

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