Gov’t Pantyliners Stop WikiLeaks

Clinton. Lieberman. Morrell = Pantyliner.

Proven fact, government pantyliners did just that. For those of you who are too occupied with Kim Kardashian dying on Twitter, Julian Assange hasreleased more than 250,000 classified government documents which expose the dirty doings behind Washington’s iron curtains. The documentsalso expose the wrongdoings of foreign governments, which is currently placing lawmakers in a national security emergency. So far, the leaks have exposed the following:

The United States uses Diplomats as spies. For example, when Hillary Clinton sends her people to a UN meeting and they proceed to find out as much informationas they can about an individual. They do this by acquring their credit card numbers, DNA, and classified passwords.

China has been spying on the US — wow, surprise — I know.

The US been bombing Yemen and even forced their leader to be the scapegoat for the bombings.

The Saudi Royals and Israel have been urging the US to start shit with Iran.

The US uses Guantanamo Bay prisoners as trade-offs with other countries. Want to meet with Obama? Here, take this prisoner off our hands.

Ahmad Zia Massoud of Afghanistan was busted with attempting to travel to the UAE with $52 million. But of course was let go because the US gave him that money.

Vladimir Putin really is scary as shit and really did put a hit out on Alexander Litvinenko.

Vladimir Putin and Silvio Burlesconi of Italy totally want to bang each other. No, I’m kidding. But their relationship is making the international community feel uneasy.With all the expensive gift exchanges, it seems like some suspicious deals are going on behind closed doors. No surprise there, because Russia is run by fuckingmobsters anyway.

So far the WikiLeaks plug has been pulled by Amazon, giving comfort to Droopy Dog look-alike Joe Lieberman. WikiLeaks has since then moved to a Swedish serverwhere it will hopefully continue to expose these filthy politicians for what they are. And for those of you who think Assange should be executed or punished for what he’sdoing — this is not a matter of the government protecting the international community, diplomats, or soldiers. This is about the government being exposed for what it really is,and that the people know about this. The government is trying to protect itself from the American people.

As Washington continues to screw its own citizens left and right by denying health care, healthy food to children in schools, extended unemployment benefits, and enforcing the continuationof tax cuts to the rich, the WikiLeaks scandal puts the icing on the cake. The next batch of leaks are supposedly about Bank of America. And I have a feeling that once informationabout this comes out, the media is going to go into a frenzy.

Source via AlterNet


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