So We Meet Again World.

I think I can see Earth! NOT.

I am a speck, you are a speck. We are all specks of dust in this vast universe. Human cultures have not lasted nearly as long as human life has existed on this planet. We live in a world that naturally practices checks and balances as well as constant recycling.

And you know what we all are? A bunch of arrogant pricks. A bunch of pricks so arrogant that we believe the world belongs to us. Instead of living in a world that would have provided and met all of our needs, we decided “hey, let’s take matters into our own hands. Let’s start a culture that bases itself off of mythology, ride that wave, and see where it takes us. Better yet, we should just make some people more equal than others. And we’ll fuck like parasites until there are so many of us, we’ll start wars and kill each other for resources! And then we’ll fuck more and have more babies and teach them to carry on our ‘civilized’ existence. Better yet, we’re so fucking smart we should just create a system that guarantees rights to some, but not to others!! And slaves, let’s have some slaves too!”

So yeah, I just summed up human history in the most simple and vulgar way possible, but this is how my thoughts have been lately.

I tend to torture myself everyday by reading Huffington Post and browsing through the horrid comment section. Post after post it’s the same old “left vs. right” argument, “spend vs. tax”, ” old white guy vs. everyone else.” I’m sick and tired of it! The most brilliant thing I’ve heard someone say is that it’s not left vs. right, but top vs. down. Yes. Some of you think it is the former instead of the latter. Do you honestly think any party has any interest in you if your net worth is less than say shit — millions upon millions of dollars? Hell no. A class war is being waged on every single person in this country. It is a slap in the face when these so-called leaders in Washington cut workers’ benefits, education, retirement — just to save a few billion dollars. Common sense should tell everyone that cutting taxes for the wealthy does not generate revenue for the middle and working class. TRICKLE DOWN ECONOMICS DOES NOT WORK. Can someone please FUCKING point out in a history book where this has worked? Money does not grow on trees, neither does it trickle down. Ask a Nobel-prize winning economist! Ask billionaire Warren Buffet. The answer is: NO IT DOES NOT.

But it makes you wonder doesn’t it? How on earth could human history lead to the travesty that it is today. Do we honestly believe we have reached our zenith as a species and that this is as good as we will get? The monetary system is a travesty. A green piece of paper with a dead white guy on it dictates who lives and who dies, who is worthy and who is not worthy. It dictates how laws are made, formed, and enacted. It dictates who will be educated. It dictates who will eat and who will starve. This imaginary entity that WE created is something we are meant to bask in during what we think is our so-called peak ?
And no one has ever thought for one second that maybe religion is a crock of shit and our GOD, our true GOD, is this thin little piece of paper that controls the universe. For goodness sakes, the thing has “in GOD we trust” written on the back of it. You contribute your little GODs to the collection plate in church every Sunday, praying that more little GODs come your way and provide you food so you can feed your fucking family on Monday.

Okay, okay. I know I’m ranting now. But it makes me so angry that we are allowing so few in power to run us all into the ground. We have not stopped evolving. But if we do not change our ways, we will stop existing as a species ourselves. Nature can always rejuvenate itself and carry on without us. It will be our fall to think we can carry on without nature.

We need to let go of our arrogance and our desire to consume and destroy. Climate deniers baffle the shit out of me because they honestly don’t think that having 6 billion people on the planet has no effect on the world around us. I definitely want these dumbasses to (who also hate regulation) to spend a week jogging in Beijing and tell me how great the air tastes (thank you EPA).

If we can evolve our thinking, we can evolve our way of life. Don’t believe me? Check out this site out and be ready to have your fucking mind BLOWN.

Could we ever live in a resource-based economy? Of course. Can we do this within a monetary based system? No. Don’t listen to the propaganda news machines. Don’t listen to the politicians. Don’t listen to the businessmen. Live, learn, and change the world.


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