There IS a GOD….

How? Because now there are vending machines that dispense WINE. Yeah, I know they’re thousands of miles away in France, but the fact that on our planet earth exists such a thing?? One word — awesome. I know I should be more excited by a technological breakthrough that involves cars not having to run on non-renewable energy sources, but I’m a wino. And all of us winos are celebrating this breakthrough achievement that keeps our alcoholism going.

And more importantly, this technology is green. People are encouraged to reuse bottles (or in my case a jug) when filling up. This will hopefully be introduced to the US by next year and is currently running at the price of $2/liter. No longer will you have to line up those empty glasses on the top of your cupboard any longer!

Vive le France!!

via Inhabitat

One thought on “There IS a GOD….

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