No — Seriously, WTF?

It’s that time again ladies and gentlemen! No — seriously, wtf will be brought to you today by:

The California Beer & Beverage Distributors!!

These dildos have been contributing lots of money to the state of California to keep the legalization of marijuana off of the ballot in November. They are afraid that if pot is legalized, more people will opt out of drinking out at the bars in favor of sitting at home and eating everything in sight while viewing an episode of Tosh.O. Yes, the industry that oversees thousands upon thousands of deaths every year is targeting the “danger” that is smoking pot. Instead of pretending they care about people’s health and well-being, they should cut the shit and treat us like the walking dollar bills we are.

But fear not fellow smokers. There are plenty of beer companies that DO have your back without summoning the inner douche known as greed. They understand the needless arrests made, the useless war on drugs, and the dangers of their own product. I highly doubt people will ever lose their taste for alcohol, and I especially doubt that the beer industry will lose all of their money.

I guess people just aren’t allowed to make a choice when it comes to profit.


3 thoughts on “No — Seriously, WTF?

  1. i have a dream one of the theese days we shall walk hand in hand with the legal system while openly smoking some bud

  2. I love your post!!! You’re absolutely correct. You may want to link to my post on the same topic, so here it is -

    Best of luck!

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