Another Day Another Nut Case

First, I’m going to begin this post by apologizing to the five people who read my blog. I’M SORRY. I am terribly lazy and I have been in and out of a mild depression the last couple of months. Why is that you wonder? Because this world that we live in never fails to amaze me. The whole 9/12 rally, anti-immigration/anti-Muslim sentiment, race-baiting, Quran burning hicks — I feel like giving up. How do you stop a tornado of a shit-fest? Obviously organizing to stop it is one thing, but who takes anyone seriously that consider themselves a liberal anymore? Labels are sooooo right-wing now.

So I’m letting it go. I am no longer going to identify myself as a liberal. The liberals in power have failed us in favor of supporting big business and compliance with the right wing. I will identify myself as a person first, with ideas in favor of a progressive society. I will support the workers, the down-trodden, the have-nots, the true back-bone of our country to become more than it has ever been. We cannot let regressive politics, fascism, xenophobia, homophobia, racism, sexism and all around stupidity win any longer. We cannot let the media distract us with headlines meant to divert us from critically thinking about issues, and pitting people against each other. We need to realize that the American dream is just that — a dream. To live and die for the dollar is not a life any man should lead. We only live once and with the precious time we are given, we need a society that values education over profit, the environment, safer and healthier food, and cleaner technologies.

No longer will we let the chains of institutionalized religion and the arbitrary monetary system run and ruin our lives. It’s not time to take America back — it’s time to take back our dignity, our livelihood, and our souls.

Call me what you want. A leftist, socialist, communist, blah blah blah. There is no shame in caring about society’s progress nor is there any shame in caring for another human being. If you measure your value in paper, there’s something wrong with YOU.


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