Attn Liberals: Holding Hands Won’t Stop This From Happening Again

You think I am hard on conservatives? Well let me tell you something about liberals. I am pretty sure people who do not really know me would be quick to classify me as one. And you know what, call me whatever you want. But I cannot understand how holding hands, attending a music festival, or dropping a ton of acid is going to change the world. Can someone please fill me in on this? Come on Progressives. Now is not the time to go soft on me.

Last night I traveled to downtown Jacksonville to speak to a group concerning the Gulf oil disaster and actions that can be taken to stop big oil. One of the topics that came up was about how people were planning on chaining their arms together along the beaches and singing or whatever the hell the plan on doing. An old school gentleman in attendance said that if you really want to do something effective while holding hands is to jump in front of them, and make them stop what they’re doing.

This concept has been done before. Remember the girl that lived in a tree to keep it from being destroyed? If enough people cared enough and mobilized themselves to cease operations at these facilities, that would be the greatest attempt compared to singing AT the destruction. But I could be wrong. I have never been near an oil facility and I’m sure the security there is remarkable. However, new operations will always be taking place as long as these industries have the power to implement them.

Let’s face it. Many of us are afraid to even attempt to take down such an economical demon. And it may be a long time until we actually do. Since there are people even making the trip because they care, they should go the extra mile to help clean beaches — something — other than linking hands.

And why all of a sudden did my mind just flash to Hands Across America?


One thought on “Attn Liberals: Holding Hands Won’t Stop This From Happening Again

  1. Kumbaya or any other feel good tune is going to make this go away. Agreed! Oil in Gulf of Mexico is here to stay. Our lovely president just recently allowed another company to begin drilling in the Gulf. Not using gas as much might stop it, but that’s about it.

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