Arizona: Incredibly Progressive or Progressively Stupid?

So I’ve already written an article about the recent illegal immigration bill that was passed in Arizona, and now it seems they have taken measures in the education field. The Arizona school chiefs are planning to ban ethnic studies courses that promote racial resentment and Marxism. Yeah — I couldn’t make that up. The chiefs feel that teaching Asian, African, Native American, and Latino cultures breeds segregation among students and this Marxist desire to lash out against the United States. I am really trying to see things from their point of view, but the Marxist claims are really ridiculous. Goodbye to the days where we learn about political ideologies and the ability to make up our own mind about them. Here’s the “I couldn’t make this stuff up, seriously” material from CNN:

“State Schools Superintendent Tom Horne told CNN’s “American Morning” on Thursday that the legislation is “designed to get schools to teach kids to treat each other as individuals and not on the basis of what race they were born into.

In the Raza studies, they were teaching kids that the United States is oppressive, they were making them angry. They used a Marxist book, the ‘Pedagogy of the Oppressed,’ ” he said.

Horne said he believes that the “fundamental American value is that we are individuals” and “not exemplars of the race we happen to be born into. What’s important is what we know, what we can do, what is our character.”

The superintendent has been targeting an ethnic studies curriculum in Tucson that he says “divided the kids into different races” — African studies for African-Americans, “Raza” studies for Latino youths and Asian studies for Asians.”

I don’t really know about the curriculum taught to pupils in Tuscon, but never have I heard of a bunch of kids of one ethnic group breaking off to go to class to learn about their own culture. I thought the objective of these courses was to introduce all of these students to different cultures. The United States already isolates itself from the rest of the world. We could give a shit about the World Cup and hate people that come across our borders that don’t “speak American.” I thought the whole point of learning about one another’s history is to improve upon it — not ignore it and pretend things never happened. Here’s more of what’s to come:

“Signed into law on Tuesday, the new legislation forbids classes “designed primarily for pupils of a particular ethnic group” that advocate “the overthrow of the United States government” or “resentment toward a race or class of people.” It also forbids classes that “advocate ethnic solidarity” instead of treating pupils as individuals.”

Last time I checked, the people responsible for causing these resentments  in the first place are DEAD. Well, mostly.

And what the hell? What classes are advocating the overthrow of the United States? And if they are advocating that, when has anyone seen this put into practice as of late because they are pissed off over slavery and Native American genocide? Now don’t get me wrong — I’m not saying no one gets mad about this stuff EVER. I’m pretty sure is runs in the back of people’s minds when they sit and read about certain things or watch the history channel. There are many things that have happened to my people that I am not happy about, but what’s done is done. The most beautiful thing about the people in all of these cultures is the ability to move forward. And honestly I think the majority of American could learn a thing or two about perseverance.  We can’t and won’t allow our minds dwell on such a painful history. And to suggest that teaching someone the what is hopefully the truth about how America came to be through the eyes of ethnic people will damage society is just utterly incomprehensible.

I mean FUCK! Only 20% of American citizens have a passport! Teach the 80% SOMETHING about culture.

Truthfully, the only way I could see this possibly working is integrating all of these studies into an American history course. Who knows which route Arizona is going to take with this one.


7 thoughts on “Arizona: Incredibly Progressive or Progressively Stupid?

  1. Arizona is rejecting multiculturalism. I reject it also. American’s are the paradigm for perseverance. You are free to write what you will because of the perseverance of AMERICA and its ideals. America Persevered and men of many nationalities died and shed blood so we could live free. The founding fathers risked their lives and created something so… See more fucking awesome and persevered through a fucking war and kicked major ass. If people want to learn about the other stuff, that’s their choice. It is not however a mandate to the public school to teach race/ethnic classes in order to appease an ideological argument for multiculturalism. and oh, I am more concerned that only 20% of Americans own a gym membership. I pulled that figure out of my ass and the figure is probably much lower considering that close to 50% of American’s are fat fucks.

  2. I think public school systems should teach American history. Many schools teach the history of the state as well i.e. Florida history, Texas history etc. Ethnic identity should not be the collective focus for educating children. Multiculturalism is inherently divisive. That was the point of the article. I tried to avoid the “multicultural classes”. I do remember taking African American studies where I learned that white people were evil and had black people as slaves. True story.

  3. Well the majority of my schooling was in wa state and we did have wa state history. However, I was never taught that white people were evil. That’s definitely an opinion. Also, the people who committed the atrocities are long and gone. The whole point of history is learning not to repeat the same mistakes. Learning about a different culture is not a bad thing, but I do believe that perhaps multicultural histories would be integrated into american history.

  4. The class i was referring to was in college. The professor had really strong views on the subject, but that is how the professors are in college. Things such as slavery and the native americans are already included in American history from what i remember in school, though i did have a tendency to skip school alot :p

  5. I believe this bill is targeting primary and secondary schools. I would hope that no college student is weak minded enough to learn to hate the way you described by attending these classes.

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