Texas: Dumbing Down Children, One at a Time

I have not felt this pissed off since people couldn’t define socialism during the 2008 election. I cannot believe that right before my eyes I am witnessing the human race devolve. Be ready to gouge your eyes out with this news: Texas is rewriting history. How are they doing this? By removing lessons relating to […]

Arizona: Incredibly Progressive or Progressively Stupid?

So I’ve already written an article about the recent illegal immigration bill that was passed in Arizona, and now it seems they have taken measures in the education field. The Arizona school chiefs are planning to ban ethnic studies courses that promote racial resentment and Marxism. Yeah — I couldn’t make that up. The chiefs […]

I Think Everyone is Missing the Point

One of the most controversial political topics being talked about around the internet is Arizona’s new immigration law. What everyone is saying is that the law gives law enforcement the ability to ask people of suspicion whether or not they have “papers” or proper identification to be in the state. Now don’t get me wrong, […]