…Or Is It Just Us?

We've all been here.

Thanks to technology and nosy ass people, celebrities have had the joy and the hardship of being the center of attention. They are part of a sub-culture worshiped by the masses and at the same time, fall under the smallest scrutiny. I’ve always wondered if there’s a correlation between economic recessions and celebrity decline. Take for instance Lindsay Lohan — once she was America’s sweetheart, the next Julia Roberts.

Now she’s been labeled a train-wreck with no chance of the public ever forgiving her if she changes her ways.  If she  fell down from wearing some tall ass Louboutins, she must have been drunk/on drugs/stalking her ex. Now I’m not going to completely take her side and feel sorry for her since she kind of put herself in that situation. If you are going club to club with fame-whores, coke-heads, and leeches, that’s what you get. You can’t feel sorry for her when there are actresses that manage to keep out of the tabloids. But everyone has done stupid shit, and just because you have fame and money doesn’t mean you will start leading some sort of perfect life.

But are we placing blame where it should be placed? Are we not the subscribers to the magazines that pay millions of dollars annually to paps for pictures of one of them pumping gas or walking out of a restaurant? Do we not get websites like TMZ and Perez Hilton tons of money in ad revenue to speculate all day? (Speaking Perez, doesn’t he copy a much better site called Dlisted anyway?) But why do we care so much about celebrities and what they’re up to? Maybe it’s because of the economic climate. Celebrities seem to live in some perfect world of unlimited resources and tons of free time. So when one of them seems to take it for granted, they become public enemy #1. And why not — seeing one of them fuck up and be under so much judgment helps us forget about our foreclosures, joblessness, and paycheck to paycheck lifestyles.

I really couldn’t imagine being Lindsay Lohan.  I’m pretty sure it’s easy to fall down and appear drunk with 50 photographers’ flashes going off in your face. People want to see this girl be what she was 5 years ago, but she can’t even get a job with all the negative press. All these media outlets want to talk about her problems, but aren’t really helping her situation. It’s like modern day gladiator games watching this girl get torn apart.

And it’s amazing how we care so much about these people who would probably shit on us in person, but not the well being of our own situations. If we cared about education and employment as much as these people, Hollywood would go down into the flames of its shallow existence.


One thought on “…Or Is It Just Us?

  1. i completely agree with you. I saw (as i was flipping through my unextended cable tv) that there was an interview being held with Rosie O’Donnel and her “opinion” on Lohan & how she was “screaming for help”. All i could think was, she is 23 years old. Who ISN’T going out and partying till all hours of the night at 23? (sustainable if you have a … See moresocial life)

    Do you know how bad WE would be tagged if there were paps everywhere around? I know fb shames me enough in photos from being out…heaven only knows what it would appear like if it were hollywood.

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