I Don’t Get It….

An actual portrayal.

Okay so the Republicans as of late have been on this anti-government run. They feel it’s getting too big and and powerful. I like to think of their example of this as the big huge machine in “The Matrix.” They have been so adamant about defending America from government and unjust practices — that they blocked a bill to protect American citizens. Maybe you haven’t heard about this because you were busy looking at Lindsay Lohan’s new art video, but the bill goes a little something like this:

“The bill aims to prevent large firms from taking billions of dollars in government aid when their failure threatens the broader economy and create, for the first time, an agency to protect consumers from shady financial dealings.”

Before I go on, I just have to mention that I have a lot of Republican friends that believe the “liberal dumbocrats” want to bail out big business. Even though Bush began this trend, all fingers point the other way. *Sigh* Here’s the rest:

Democrats and the White House have been eager to portray Republicans as siding with Wall Street, while Republicans insist the bill as currently crafted is not ready and must be changed.

Republicans acknowledge a need for reform but say the Democrats’ bill is a government overreach, signalling the congressional fight is far from over.

Even after the deadlock was broken on Wednesday, following an agreement over plans to restrict bailout aid, the two sides continued to snipe at each other over the consumer proection agency.

“I cannot agree to his desire to weaken consumer protections given the enormous abuses we have seen,” Chris Dodd, the Democrat chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, said.

“It is time for this debate to begin. And it must be a serious, vigorous debate.”

But Richard Shelby, the panel’s senior Republican, said: “This massive new bureaucracy would have unchecked authority to regulate whatever it wants, whenever it wants, however it wants.”

Okay, so wouldn’t they be happy about a bill that seeks to restrict the amount of bail-out money given to businesses? I thought they were mad about bailouts to begin with, now all of a sudden they’re backtracking saying it could hurt consumers? The whole point of their anger was too much government involvement!! They didn’t like the idea of government bailing out firms — now that the government wants to cut back on that, it’s a bad idea!! Arggggh!!! Instead this is considered a just another method of financial regulation. This whole bitter pity-party they’re playing is really starting to get annoying. If you believe in big business and Capitalism so much, let business take its course and let them restrict the $$! I mean wtf, what am I missing here????

Ugh. This is why I hate politics.

Courtesy Al Jazeera

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