Born Free — to Criticism

Do you believe in metaphors? Because dammit, I do. And thanks to recording artist M.I.A, this video has become a major example of an in-your-face metaphor for genocide. All over the internet everyone’s throwing in their two cents about what she was trying to accomplish. In the United States and Canada as well as every country that has caught on with the terminology “Ginger,” puts the issue of genocide on our front steps. Not saying that genocide has never occurred in the US, but many of us were never alive to see it. And face it — we all know someone with red hair. So imagine your friends or family being picked kidnapped and killed for something so miniscule: the color of their hair.

Really, this video seems to address the absolute stupidity and triviality of genocide itself. And hey, what better metaphor to get this point across to western nations than to show this kind of violence happening to a person based on red hair color? Another reason to cheer this video on is because of the recent laws passed in Arizona which allows law enforcement to stop and question anyone that appears to be an illegal immigrant. It just goes to show that a police state is not far from reality for us…that is, if you think we aren’t already one.

If you ask me, I think M.I.A definitely got her point across. However, there are a ton of stupid people that won’t understand what she’s trying to say and will denounce her as a Western and red-hair hating individual that wanted to glorify this kind of violence against these people. Or, they’ll just talk about how much better Lady Gaga is. Whatever fits I guess. Check out the vid below:

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