South Park Already Did It

The original episode -- no death threats.

I am a huge fan of South Park. And it shouldn’t surprise anyone familiar with the show that they went the shock route. So much controversy has surrounded the issue of the Muslim religion and the image of Mohammed that they now are receiving death threats from supposedly “non-terrorist groups.” But what really has me baffled is that in 2001 before 9/11, South Park in its season 5 era released an episode entitled “Super Best Friends.” The Super Best Friends are comprised of all the immortal leaders of the worlds most renowned religions. And guess who else starred in the episode completely uncensored? That’s right — Mohammed.

Did anyone remember any death threats then? Probably not.

Plus, Trey and Matt are equal opportunity offenders. For instance, in the new episode Buddha is snorting cocaine, Jesus is watching internet porn on his laptop. I’m sure this pissed of many in both faiths, but if it’s pissing anyone off then maybe they shouldn’t be watching South Park.

Besides, faith should rely on more than just satiric cartoon imagery. And should we let terrorism scare us to the point where we must censor ourselves completely?

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