I Don’t Get It….

Okay so the Republicans as of late have been on this anti-government run. They feel it’s getting too big and and powerful. I like to think of their example of this as the big huge machine in “The Matrix.” They have been so adamant about defending America from government and unjust practices — that they […]

Born Free — to Criticism

Do you believe in metaphors? Because dammit, I do. And thanks to recording artist M.I.A, this video has become a major example of an in-your-face metaphor for genocide. All over the internet everyone’s throwing in their two cents about what she was trying to accomplish. In the United States and Canada as well as every […]

South Park Already Did It

I am a huge fan of South Park. And it shouldn’t surprise anyone familiar with the show that they went the shock route. So much controversy has surrounded the issue of the Muslim religion and the image of Mohammed that they now are receiving death threats from supposedly “non-terrorist groups.” But what really has me […]