Your New Favorite Drink

While farting around online, I stumbled across a link to this new wonder: Mary Jane’s Relaxing Soda. Immediately the words “Mary Jane” caught my eye, but upon further investigation, I learned what this soda was all about.

First and foremost, there is no pot inside of Mary Jane so don’t get your hopes up and buy your tickets to Cali. Instead, it is a concoction of herbs blended with Kava extract and Passionflower. Instead of binging on the after-work beer, you can binge on this sodas — promising to give you the relaxing “fuck it” attitude you need without failing another drug test or drunkenly driving to Popeye’s for late night fried chicken.

Four packs are on sale on their website for $11 at

For every $10 spent, $1 will go to the Modest Needs Foundation.


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