Oh Shit

israel-nuclear1Just when you think things couldn’t get any worse for the world…

Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu expressed some colorful words regarding Iran attaining the technology to harvest nuclear weapons. On Thursday he addressed the UN General Assembly pleading especially with western states to put an end to such religious fanaticism — referring to nation as “tyrants of Tehran.”

“The struggle against Iran pits civilisation against barbarism … History could be reversed if primitive fanaticism acquires deadly weapons,” he said.

As many of you may know, for some time now the international community has shown concern over Iran building a nuclear program. This poses a major prmitive fanaticism acquires deadly weapons,” he said.

For some time now the international community has shown concern over Iran building a nuclear program. This poses a major problem for Israel, especially since President Ahmedinejad called the Holocaust a lie .

“Are these plans of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp where 1 million Jews were murdered a lie too?” he said, citing US President Barack Obama’s visit to one of the death camps earlier this year.

“Did President Obama pay tribute to a lie?” he said.

Yeah, this is not going to end well at all…

Netanyahu also criticized Iran’s recent election crisis and even accused Ahmadinejad of stealing the election. This is primarily based on the domestic disputes that had taken place within the country, which also led to the death of a young woman peacefully protesting in the streets. She was shot dead by a soldier hidden behind a window.

Netanyahu also defended Israel against claims that war crimes were committed during the bombing of the Gaza strip. An investigation is currently being done by the Goldstone Commission Report, which is backed by the UN.

“”Rather than condemn terrorism, some at the UN are condemning its victims … It is not easy to fight terrorists firing from schools and mosques,” he said, referring to Palestinian armed groups.”

Netanyahu emphasized his desire for the Palestinians to recognize Israel as a state once and for all. He even spoke of a state of Palestine, but in order for that to happen much demilitarization would have to take place to ensure the safety of all Israelis.

Some however, view Netanyahu’s comments as compiling worldwide fear to make Iran a common enemy.

Nour Odeh, Al Jazeera’s correspondent in Ramallah, said Netanyahu’s “rhetoric was a mix of attacking the UN for its repeated reports on Israeli actions against Palestinians, while using a bit of scaremongering with reference to Iran … and the history of the Nazis.”

“One very consistent message he managed to keep was his call on the UN to change the context with which it addresses the ‘occupied’ Palestinian territories.

“And his vision for a peace imposed on the Palestinians that guarantees they are always kept in check, kept demilitarised, and under control … a vision that will not bode very well with a Palestinian public.”

Netanyahu’s address was a “hardline speech from a right-wing Israeli leader who knows his right-wing public in Israel is listening in and will probably be very pleased,” our correspondent said.

“This is more proof for those who believe that Mr Netanyahu is not a partner in peace for the Palestinians,” she said.

To be continued…



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