Pirates Invade the Seas

Yes I'm well aware they don't look like this. But it's fun to imagine!

Yes I'm well aware they don't look like this. But it's fun to imagine!

As of Wednesday, Somalian pirates (yes pirates) took control of a US-flagged cargo ship, taking an American by the name of Richard Phillips hostage in a lifeboat. Last night Phillips tried to escape his captors by jumping out of the vessel to swim to the USS Bainbridge Naval warship, one of the few ships in communication with the stolen vessel. The pirates managed to jump into the water recapturing him and continuing to hold him at gunpoint in the lifeboat. As of today, two warships have been sent to assist the USS Bainbridge to help release Phillips.

Pirates in 2009?

This isn’t the first time reports have come up about pirates. International shipping has always been threatened by piracy since the 1990s. Only recently have reports about this phenomenon hit mainstream American media.

The cargo ship named the Maersk Alabama was en route to Mombasa, Kenya to deliver food aid. For the first time in American history on Wednesday, the ship was attacked by pirates 350 miles off the coast of Somalia. 21 people were on board including the captain. The Maersk company would not release how the crew managed to regain control of the ship.

They released the following statement:

“There will be time for due diligence and retrospective review once we have the safe return of all parties and the opportunity for a full debriefing,” it said in a statement.

As of yesterday, the Maersk Alabama is continuing its journey to Mombasa, Kenya to deliver aid with an 18-person armed security team. The Navy is seeking assistance from the FBI to end the standoff.

Courtesy CNN

UPDATE: Richard Phillips is safe and sound thanks to our Navy Seals. One shot, one kill for three pirates. However, the pirates are angry about this and vow to kill any and all Americans that drift their way…(thanks Danny for reminding me to update that information!)

One thought on “Pirates Invade the Seas

  1. Hey, I’m sure you’ve heard, but he was rescued. Navy SEALS sniped the hostage takers while they were exposed and got him back. Pretty amazing shots, pretty big risk, but he’s back now.

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