Hippie Chick Denied at DMV

Okay, so we’ve all come up with funny ideas as to what we all would put on a license plate . But that didn’t work for one vegan Colorado woman who was recently rejected at the DMV for her plate idea. She submitted a request for a plate that read: ILOVETOFU. Considering I’m completely immature, yes I read this as “I LOVE TO F-U.” Who wouldn’t? And apparently the DMV felt the same way.

Being the hippie she is, she’s baffled by the censorship and even compared it to “1984.” (If you don’t know what that is, please google it.) She also said it’s not her fault that people (like me) have really dirty minds:

“I love tofu; it doesn’t mean anything bad!”

The DMV responded, “We have nothing bad to say about her love of tofu. We’re concerned about others who may misread the plate.”

…and on that note — I need to make it to the DMV before 5. What doesn’t work in Colorado probably works in Florida — the home of the obscene 😉


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