Everyone Still Hates Bush


Shoe of Support: Throwin' up the peace sign.

Shoe of Support: Throwin' up the peace sign.

Especially Muntadhar al-Zaidi. If you don’t know who that is, I will familiarize you with two words: shoe thrower. The Iraqi journalist was recently sentenced to three years in prison this past week. His crime: throwing two lovely shoes at Former President Bush. Have we all wanted to do that ourselves at one point or another? Yes. But not necessarily shoes. I really wish I would have blogged about this as soon as it happened, but I felt it was just too, too easy. All I would have written was “LMFAO.”


Anyway, Iraqis have deemed this man a living legend for doing what so many have only dreamt because prison in Iraq sucks. Throwing a shoe at someone over there is considered a grave insult, but I’m sure there was some leniency considering he only got three years instead of fifteen for threatening a head of state.

CNN has even reported an increase in Facebook groups dedicated to al-Zaidi and his bravery. One of them is even called “Shoe-Throwing Appreciation Society.”

But of course, not everyone is feeling it. Many Bush supporters (they still exist?) consider this shit anti-American:

“One message board on his page, titled “YOU GUYS HATE AMERICA,” drew 384 posts in reaction. The creator started it with these words: “seriously you guys are all a**holes. why would you be happy about some freaking foreigner throwing his shoes at the leader of the free world? I don’t care if he’s dumb he’s my president of my wonderful country [sic].””

Exactly. He doesn’t care how dumb he is and why anyone would throw a shoe at our awesome dumb leader. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? 

Even some actors paid for by the US Iraqis were pissed off about this:

“And interspersed amid the groups of fans were those that spoke out against the al-Zaidi worship. “That shoe thrower is not a hero,” attracted 94 members, many of them with Arabic names.

One London poster said the shoe thrower “did nothing but bring shame upon us iraqis [sic],” and another from Halifax, Nova Scotia added, “I dont care about bush but this guy was very disrespectful to the Iraqi Prime minister who was standing right next to him [sic].””

But some had this to say:

“We’re talking about a common man, like me and you,” who was “tired of years of lies from a self-called ‘freedom saver,’ ” said Matteo Ferigo of Padova, Italy, the 30-year-old creator behind “Save Muntadhar al-Zaidi,” which has 116 members. “I understand that his act was not so civil, polite or ‘politically correct,’ but I also understand how Iraqi people can see George Bush and what he represents to them.”

So far over 270,000 people have joined the Facebook group “Guy Who Threw His Shoes at Bush.” However the group entitled “That Shoe Thrower is Not A Hero” has a whopping 94 members. Let me stop myself right now —

I would love to continue the Bush bashing, but I have officially moved on. Yes, for me President Bush is like a shitty ex-boyfriend that I went out with for eight long and disturbing years. Sometimes it’s weird realizing that he’s gone and sometimes I miss his dumbass expressions and “I don’t give a fuck” attitude. But it’s over now and I must move on and realize that he’s not around to piss me off anymore. 

So on that note:

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