No Cussing?!

Don't you want to kick his ass?

Don't you want to kick his ass?

I used to live on the westcoast. Well, northwest — but I have a pretty decent understanding of Los Angeles. And if I were to live in LA, I would have decapitated several people by now just because of the traffic. But instead of facing a lengthy jail sentence, I would probably just cuss people the fuck out. Which is not allowed now because CUSS FREE WEEK has been declared!

This whole thing has been inspired by this 14 year old kid who started a No Cussing Club at his highschool. He and I definitely wouldn’t have been friends in high school — he was probably that kid whose mom worked at the school and still packs his lunches.

Anyway, County Supervisor Michael Antonovich told the LA Times:

“A lot of kids at my school, and some of my friends, would cuss and use dirty language all the time. They did it so much, they didn’t even realize they were doing it. It bothered me so much that one day I challenged them to stop!” McKay wrote on his website.

“They were shocked. They didn’t know that it was bothering me. They didn’t even realize how much they were doing it until I said something. I was actually surprised at how they reacted; they accepted my No Cussing Challenge. But some of the kids said they didn’t know how to stop. That’s when I started the No Cussing Club.”

If you want to become part of this non-venting club, you can not swear for one week up to one year or forever and ever.

I’m going to try it right now. You know who I really can’t stand? That crazy fucking bitch  undelightful Octo-mom. I mean seriously! Who in the hell heck already has six goddamn blessed kids and decides, “oh, I want to have eight fucking more because I’m lonely and I’m not gonna think about the fact that I brought eight children into this shitty not so badeconomy — nor am I going to think about the goddamn  gosh darn $20,000 debt on my parents’ house as they enter foreclosure. No, I’m not going to think that way because I’m  stupid fucking cunt an ignorant woman that desires attention! And I drag my crazy ass derriere out to go to plastic surgeons to get my fucking tootin’ lips plumped so I can look like Angelina Jolie instead of feeding my child army! I am the worst piece of shit stinky poo to have ever walked this earth.”

You know, after that I feel like I have less of a chance of going to hell.

But satan and I still have a contract. So FUCK IT.


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