Suddenly I’m Craving Saltines…

crackersGet out your water, because there are some salty ass crackers running around! (And no, I’m not talking about cool white people).

If you haven’t read it before, I wrote a blog previously about the incline of memberships with hate groups — and now I’m writing about it again — just to bring it back to the forefront. (Plus, if I suddenly disappear one day, consider this a possible reason. I live in Florida after all).

So anyway, CNN (finally)  reported  that hate groups within the United States have been growing at an exponentially high rate. Visits to hate groups have practically tripled since President Obama pimp walked into the White House.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, which releases data in relation to hate groups have called 2008 “The Year in Hate.” Here’s some scary estimates:

“The center’s report, “The Year in Hate,” found the number of hate groups grew by 54 percent since 2000. The study identified 926 hate groups — defined as groups with beliefs or practices that attack or malign an entire class of people — active in 2008. That’s a 4 percent jump, adding 38 more than the year before.”

This isn’t just the KKK. Other hate groups included are neo-nazis, black separatists, neo-confederates and of course skinheads. (And yeah, I didn’t capitalize any of those names for a reason.) The majority of hate groups are (of course) in the south, but California has the largest amount of any state totaling 84.

The reasoning behind this inspiration is mainly but not limited to Obama and illegal immigrants. Many white supremacists feel that illegal immigrants are responsible for the economic decline because they believe they take out subprime loans. It’s funny they think this way, because whenever people come into the office I work at to file bankruptcy, it tends to solely be their fault. Isn’t all of this sounding vaguely familiar? You know, blaming problems on an entire race of people? *Cough* Holocaust *Cough. Also, they feel that if white Americans are willing to accept a man of color as the leader of the free world, then there’s going to be *gasp* blacks moving into white neighborhoods and even dating interracially! Shit, they might as well come and kill my ass right now with the white boys I’ve dated.

Even David Duke’s dumbass had to chime in, saying that  he fears “the white European-American” heritage will soon be destroyed, and that his Web site sees around 40,000  visitors a day — up from 15,000 a day before Obama won the election. Yeah, holy shit. (And you know something else that’s crazy? When my brother was flying from eastern Washington to Connecticut, he had a seat right next to David Duke and even had a conversation with him. He claimed that there were a few “bad apples” in his organization that fueled hate. Of course he said that. He was surrounded by black football players.) 

Sadly, the amount of hate crimes being committed is also steadily increasing. Hate crimes have increased from 7,163 in 2005 to 7,624 in 2007. I don’t even want to know what 2009 has to offer from these dumbasses. Dr. Alvin F. Poussaint, a psychiatry professor at Harvard Medical School referred to their behavior as being in a state of panic, feeling paranoia toward different groups. This also leads them to feel threatened and commit acts of violence. Poussaint ended his comment saying that “their thinking is very distorted.”

I think that’s an understatement…


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