Republicans Elect — Wait, a Black Guy?

For a moment I thought I’d been smoking to much weed when I read this…

This news is two days old and I keep having to ask myself where in the hell have I been? This is huge news because this means that the Republican party is open to (gasp!) CHANGE! Holy crap! I wonder what Ann Coulter has to say about this? Actually, no I don’t.

Anyway, the Republicans elected a new chairman by the name of Michael Steele (great porn name). Steele was formerly the Lieutenant Governor of Maryland. At the young age of 50, Steele is like a a breath of fresh air or a bottle of OxyContin (thank you Rush Limbaugh). Steele won after a vote of 91 to 77 (85 to win). He beat a guy from South Carolina that was part of a whites-only country club. Funny that those still exist.

But what could this do for the Republican party? Let’s all remember that at past Republican conventions the only color you’d find is in the face of a Republican senator who just got a rim-job from a young male waiter. Now with a leader like Steele the Republican party can open it’s doors to Blacks and Hispanics. (Actually, the Republican party probably realized they were screwed and are just covering their asses — bitches already are eyeballin’ 2012.)

But the Republican Party should not worry. Though Blacks vote primarily with the Democratic Party, they have a highly conservative culture. Don’t believe me? Come to Springhill Missionary Baptist Church with my grandma on one Sunday. Steele should probably worry though — I’m sure ‘Uncle Steele’ headlines are in the work.


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