Suddenly I’m Craving Saltines…

Get out your water, because there are some salty ass crackers running around! (And no, I’m not talking about cool white people). If you haven’t read it before, I wrote a blog previously about the incline of memberships with hate groups — and now I’m writing about it again — just to bring it back […]

F-You, You Hypocritical Bastards!

I am SERIOUSLY in the mood to bitch slap some bitches. I found out some really horrible news that I thought would tide over. But of course it wouldn’t because our society is retarded. Anyway, Michael Phelps lost his endorsement with Kellogg and has been suspended from USA Swimming for three months without pay. USA […]

Music Video of the Day

Thank you Christian Bale! In case you didn’t know, Christian Bale recently flipped out on the set of the new Terminator movie. He swore at the director of photography for changing the lighting during an emotional scene. And if you’ve seen the movie ‘American Psycho’ I think you can understand why this perfectionist lost it. […]

Michael Phelps is a Pothead

If you already don’t know, Dolphin god Michael Phelps has recently¬† come under fire for a picture of him taking a bong hit at a friend’s place at USC (no, not Cali, the shitty GameCOCKS) And my god, people are outraged! The double-bagger (haha) apologized for his ‘outrageous’ behavior. Phelps released the following statement to […]