44th Presidential Inauguration (Plus annoying celebs!)

Sweet pic, right?

Sweet pic, right?

And I couldn’t be happier because my class got cancelled today so we could watch it! (Thanks to my British professor — those crazy socialists). I am really, really excited for this. I really wish I could have made it there, but the thought of standing around at the staggering height of 5’2″ in a crowd of over two million people does not sound flattering. So I’m gonna bum out and watch it at home. I was also reading on CNN about how people in places like Wyoming don’t even want to watch it because they’re afraid of what the current Obama administration is doing…which is funny because it’s as if these people have been in denial for the last eight years so much that they’re already giving Obama shit and he hasn’t even become the president officially yet. They talked about small government and civil liberties possibly being taken away by the new party. RIGHT, because Bush didn’t enact the Patriot Act and have the NSA wire-tape the phones of American citizens. You know, because none of this happening the last eight years. Now all of a sudden they care. WTF? Fantasize about the Reagan years all you want, I personally don’t want any of that to happen again.

Anyway, I think what’s really gonna suck about this inauguration is the fact that CELEBRITIES will be making special appearances. You know, because apparently all celebrities have PhDs in political science and hold special authority when it comes to politics. Ugggggghhhh. For instance, JBlo and Mark Athony aka Skeletor were not Obama supporters during the election. He gets elected and BAM, they’re all over the Latino Inaugural ball and that bitch JBlo is SINGING. Who in the hell invited these people and why can’t they go away? Okay, I’m going to stop talking about them right now and maybe they’ll fade away into my imagination.

So, what will the Obama presidency mean to all of us? What kind of legacy will he leave behind? Well, for one we have to be a little realistic. There is no way in hell this man can get us out of the shit that was left behind by Dubya. It’s gonna take probably the same amount of time as his term or greater. So all of you out there expecting change in three months: wake the fuck up. Not gonna happen, go back to sleep. We’ll wake you after the impending nuclear holocaust when everything is over.

So if you have no idea what’s going on, the swearing in ceremony begins at 11:30 am. Then lunch, parades, and like a million inaugural balls. The last ball is the southern ball at 10:00 pm and doesn’t end until 2:00 am. But not the southern ball I plan on having at my house. After a few shots and a few bowls, shit I’ll believe I’m at the damn inauguration. So come join me on my journey! Better yet, start your own. I don’t want too many heads on the bong 😉

Anyway, here’s to you Mr. President 🙂

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