Gaza and the American Media

MIDEAST PALESTINIAN ISRAELI GAZA CONFLICTI may piss a lot of people off with what I am about to write. But I want everyone that reads this to think for a minute.

Do we here in America understand the world around us?  Because I feel as if our journalists have failed us in their work.

Israel has attacked the Gaza strip (a country with no sovereignty), sending American media into a ruckus. Israel is one of our closest allies since the Zionist movement. We have provided them with the utmost support politically and militarily. So much, that our media is completely biased to the reality of the situation occurring in the middle east today. Why is it that our news coverage of these attacks is so biased? Why more Palestinians in Gaza (more than 700, 200 of them children) have been killed but the point of view of this situation is only seen from the eyes of the Israelis. That so many Palestinian children in Gaza have been killed sitting in school but this is underreported in our media. I am not trying to dictate who is right and who is wrong in this situation, but what I am trying to say is that we’re taught at a young age that there are two sides to every story. So why are their voices are constantly put on silent?

56428211I read an excellent article on Al-Jazeera this morning which basically addresses this issue. That the war happening in Gaza is seen as an entirely different situation in the US than in the international community. All support in this crisis seems to go towards the Israelis at this point. But in my opinion, any offensive that has massacred unarmed civilians needs to be questioned no matter who our allies be. I understand Israel’s frustration with Hamas and Palestine’s 2006 election and the failure to renew the ceasefire, but Hamas is not Gaza. Since Hamas is the problem, let the war be with them and not citvilians. The people are refugees who once lived in what we now know as Israel. And as with any war, innocent people will continue to be killed. Israel’s efforts in Gaza appear colonial as their military advancements upon Hamas grow stronger, with things looking more and more bleak with lessening tensions with Palestine in the foreseeable future.

I just wish our media would do its job and to show that tragedies like this do not just happen in Israel….

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