It’s Official!!!

Ain't no party like an MD party...!

Ain't no party like an MD party!

Pop out your champagne MD 20/20 because the National Bureau of Economic Research has confirmed that our economy is currently in a RECESSION! The NBER is a privately run group of leading economists that date the beginning and the end of economic downturns. Fun job, right? In fact, they claim that the US has been in a recession since December of last year. Within the first ten months of this year, employers have cut payroll by 1.2 million jobs. They are currently predicting that the government will release another report that another 325,000 have been lost since this past November.

Our current recession is the longest downturn since the Great Depression. So bust out your grandpa’s Fedora and get in the chow line. Okay so maybe we’re not that bad (yet) and there is a possibility that this recession may only last until late next year. So chug another MD 20/20 and keep hope alive! Oh, and the Dow plunged 400 points today.

So you might as well pick up that sixer of Steel Reserve while you’re out…



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