In Case You Didn’t Know


Terrorist Attacks in Mumbai

India is currently investigating the terrorist attacks that took place in Mumbai. Over 195 people have been killed in the attacks, including many from the international community. The attacks lasted over two days. Tensions have increased between India and Pakistan — with many Indians believing that Pakistan was behind the attacks.

Iraq parliament approves US pact
US forces to withdraw from Iraqi cities by June 2009 and entire country by 2012. Al-Jazeera:

The pact was approved by 144 members of the 198 who attended the session of the 275-member assembly, Mahmoud al-Mashhadani, the parliament speaker, said on Thursday.

Under the deal, US forces will withdraw from Iraqi cities by June 30, 2009 and leave the entire country by January 1, 2012.

The vote in favour of the pact was backed by the ruling coalition’s Shia and Kurdish blocs, as well as the largest Sunni Arab bloc which had demanded concessions for supporting the deal.

The 18-page agreement takes effect when the UN mandate now governing the troops expires on December 31.

Rebel Leader of Congo Threatens War

Congo’s Rebel Leader General Laurent Nkunda has threatened the  Congolese unless direct talks are held.

“If there is no negotiation, let us say then there is war,” Nkunda told reporters after meeting Olusegun Obasanjo, the UN special envoy, in the rebel commander’s native village, Jomba on Saturday.

Nkunda, whose forces have routed government troops and gained swathes of territory in North Kivu province in the east of Democratic Republic of Congo since launching a new offensive in August, has repeatedly demanded negotiations.

He said he had been told by Obasanjo that Kinshasa had accepted the principle of talks.

“I know that [the government] has no capacity to fight, so they have only one choice – negotiations,” Nkunda said.

“We asked for a response as to where, when, and with whom we are going to do these talks. For us, we propose Nairobi and for the mediator we proposed Chief Obasanjo.”

Floods Displace Thousands in Brazil

This past week, Brazil has been battling torrential rains which have began to flood the region. So far a hundred people have died with a dozen more still missing. Thousands have been forced to evacuate. Over 80,000 people have been displaced.

Choleria in Zimbabwe

Cholera is  spreading in Zimbabwe and so far has killed over 389 people.

“The rapid deterioration of the health service delivery system in Zimbabwe, the lack of adequate water supply, and lack of capacity to dispose solid waste and repair sewage blockages in most areas will continue to contribute to the escalation and spread of the outbreak,” Elisabeth Byrs, the OCHA spokeswoman, said.

South African authorities have set up five Cholera treatment centers in the region. Zimbabwe is currently asking for international assistance.

Riots in Nigeria

Hundreds of people were killed in Nigeria due to voting disputes made by Christians and Muslims of the region. 218 bodies lay dead on the steps of a mosque in Jos, no Christian bodies present but probably taken elsewhere. The disputes began because of voting irregularities. Electoral workers failed to publicly post results after the election, sparking riots.


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