Kick a Ginger Day!

gingerkidOkay , so I read an article today that made me laugh so hard I almost spewed red wine all over myself (yeah bitch, I’m an elitist).

In Canada (the place above us) today was a national holiday for some: Kick a Ginger Day! I swear I’m not making this up. A group of kids in Canada decided to create a Facebook group targeted with the idea. The group managed to gain 4,800 members. Members of the group were messaged to carry out the day’s festivities all throughout. Little gingers feared for their lives (

“School board officials across the country were familiar with the day’s planned purpose.

Newfoundland’s largest school board warned its teachers about the day. Tony Stack, a principal for St. Peter’s Junior High School in Mount Pearl, said a few parents contacted his school to warn him after stumbling upon the Facebook group pages.

In Flin Flon, Man., an elementary school principal said he met earlier this week with a mother concerned for the safety of her son after he came upon one of the Facebook group pages.”

Group members are currently being investigated.

Parents are so angry, they’re blaming the animated TV series South Park. Not saying that it can’t possibly be the inspiration, but the whole Ginger thing has been around for quite sometime (that episode aired three years ago).

And please, don’t for a moment think I don’t have a care in the world for the firecrotches fiery red haired gods/goddesses. I have much love for them. Except for that red headed kid named Noah from first grade. He could communicate with the devil. That shit was scary…


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