Juicy Campus:Talk About Your Friends Behind Their Backs!

gossipI’m taking a break bitches. I’m not gonna lie. I’m pretty burned out from talking about politics, bailouts etc. This is also due to the fact that nothing has really changed in the last week that I feel inclined to rant about. How many times do I have to tell you all that the economy sucks?  That’s pretty much been the deal lately except for one thing. And you may need to light a bowl for this one…

So I crawled from underneath the rock I live under (because apprently I’m the last person to know about this shit) and have explored the mecca of college gossip/hater central aka juicycampus.com. Yes, this site is jam-packed with gossip lethal enough to increase campus clinic visits and a decline in ass for frat boys believed to have STDs.

This site is pretty interesting. Just type in your school to the left (mine is North Florida) and start digging. Everyone gets bagged on especially frats/sorors to the creepy kid you roomed with freshman year. Best of all it’s completely confidential. So you can forget about beating the ass of someone who is spreading Perez Hilton-like rants about you. (Also, I’m wondering why so much hate between the fraternities? I think there’s some special love going on…I keep seeing the same “FUCK (enter frat here)” post like a million times. That shit is lame! Talk about something else!)

Some other posts that may interest you include: biggest slut/manwhore, John Barnes (haha), student government, fattest bitches…basically, if you’re looking for a forum to discuss enlightening topics, this is definitely not the place.

However, the public is not too happy about this site. In fact, Google-ads decided to pull its ads from the site for obvious reasons. I’m sure more is to come about this controversial site, but for now the shit-talking shall persist.


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