R A G E !

Prop 2 doesn't just affect gays...

Prop 2 affects us all!

To all of my fellow Floridians against hate: Get ready to rage bitches!

Saturday is the day to get out and protest against Proposition 2! Here’s a post from ‘Protest for Equality’ on Facebook:

End Discrimination Now!
Join us for a protest in front of the City Hall!! Saturday the 15th of November at 12pm. Bring signs, banners, t-shirts, flags all with positive messages to get our voices heard! We must end the marriage ban and end the ban on adoptions for homosexual couples!

Here is the address where we will be protesting:
117 W Duval St
Jacksonville, FL 32202
(904) 630-1776

And if you’re going to be in Tallahassee (state capitol smarties) :

March begins at Westcott at noon.
Rally at the Old Capitol at 12:30
Tallahassee, Florida

For all other dates and times throughout Florida, click here!

Here’s a post from the No on Prop 2 group on Facebook:

On November 4th, Fla. Prop. 2 passed due in large part to a multi-million dollar disinformation campaign funded by its proponents. This cannot stand! Our Constitution is at risk. Without an informed citizenry, Amendments like Prop. 2 get passed. Amendment 2 does nothing to protect marriage. But it does take away important family protections, health care insurance, hospital visitation and medical decision-making authority, from all unmarried couples, gay and straight. It permanently bans civil unions and dismantles domestic partner benefits that seniors, teachers, police officers and firefighters rely on in more than 18 communities across the state. To maintain the integrity of the people of the State of Florida, PROPOSED AMENDMENT #2 MUST BE REPEALED.

This amendment reads as follows:

“Inasmuch as marriage is the legal union of only one man and one woman as husband and wife, no other legal union that is treated as marriage OR THE SUBSTANTIAL EQUIVALENT THEREOF shall be valid or recognized.”

Fight for the right of ALL Americans!!!

******6 Reasons to Say NO to 2******

Taking Away Benefits
Amendment 2 could take away existing benefits from all unmarried Floridians.

Hurting Seniors
Amendment 2 could force seniors to choose between important benefits like sharing health care and important government benefits.

“Gay Marriage” Bait & Switch
Amendment 2 claims to ban “gay marriage” but Florida already clearly defines marriage as only between a man and woman in the state statutes.

Massive Government Intrusion
Amendment 2 puts the government where it doesn’t belong – regulating the personal relationships of Floridians.

Hiring Expensive Lawyers
Amendment 2 could force unmarried Floridians to hire expensive private lawyers just to protect their basic legal rights.

Dramatic Consequences
Amendment 2 could take away job benefits from university employees and be used as a defense to domestic violence – as has already happened in other states after passing similar amendments.


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