Separate Church and State: The United States is Not a Theocracy

a0034Come out come out wherever you are….that’s right California, because the gays are ready to whoop some legistlative ass! After the disappointment of the passing of prop 2 here in Florida, I’m hoping that justice will prevail in Cali

All over California, equal rights demonstrations have increased, drawing more and more attention to the dumb shitty retarded prop 8. I’m still baffled as to why the ruling was overturned. Surprisingly (not to me) Blacks and Hispanics voted greatly for proposition 8. Reasons why are more than likely due to the fact that these two groups are ingrained with religious values, and Papa God said no shacking up with the same sex. However, it still isn’t right for to implement religion onto other groups. They can’t help who they love. So why should we keep them from living their freedom? We’re in America right? …last itme I checked, shit.

Protecting the sanctity of marriage is the worst argument I have ever heard. As if marriage is still treated like some magical entity — yet people abuse it everyday. Take a look at Bob Geldof’s daughter Peaches — that bitch is divorcing after 96 days because she doesn’t “fancy” her “husband” anymore. Gay people are the best candidates for marriage! They stay together for decades! Why can’t they have legal rights of marriage? Why can’t we just separate church and state? Why is the government regulating our lives?

Do we seriously believe that this would cause society to be corrupt? That our children will be confused? That only straight couples will produce straight children (hahaha so stupid). Anyway, I just can’t figure it out. It’s not just conservatives preaching hate, it’s liberals too. Let the gays marry! Gay weddings are great for the economy! And the last time I checked, our economy is INCREDIBLY SHITTY.

So I have to ask all you prop 8 loving Christians out there — why? Why do you consider yourself a mouth-piece for morality? I understand that you may think this is wrong, but you have to understand not everyone thinks the same way you do. And you have to accept that and let people follow their own paths in life. It might be my agnostic side talking, but we may never know. And to strip these people of their rights as TAX-PAYING CITIZENS is completely unfair. Let’s not think of it as marriage in the Biblical sense, but marriage in a legal sense. And legally, not citizen should be denied their rights. And also, the children will be okay. It’s not as if gays haven’t ALWAYS existed. And no, they’re not going to sit outside an elementary school with gay pride booth trying to recruit your children or teach them about gay marriage in kindergarten classes.

I’m basically writing this because I’m trying to imagine myself in a situation that happened long ago. When blacks and whites weren’t allowed to marry. If an interracial couple were seen together, they were hurt or killed. I am currently in an interracial relationship and couldn’t imagine what life would be like if I weren’t allowed to be with the person I care about. And if I wanted to legalize it through the institution of marriage and were barred from doing so, the amount of hurt I would feel because people cannot understand that kind of love. Please support the gay community during these trying times, and hopefully justice will finally be served.


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