Barack Obama Wins US Election! Amendment 2 Passes in Florida :(

obamawinsPlease bear with me considering I’m very hungover from celebrating last night…I’m sure all those people at the Ritz will hate remember me πŸ™‚

So I thought about blogging during the election, but I decided that was overkill and I’d rather just watch TV. It all started out with Kentucky going for McCain (big surprise there) but then all of a sudden things started happening that I thought I’d never see. Like FLORIDA becoming blue!! And New Mexico, and Ohio!! I can’t believe I’ve been waiting for this moment for eight years!!!!

However, Obama has to deal with the dried up shit W left behind. You know, the kind of shit you might find in your house that one of your pets laid while you were gone that you didn’t know about…and you decide to look for something or whatever and you run right into it…and it’s dry like it’s been there forever and it’s all stuck in the carpet…wait, where am I going with this?

Also if you don’t already know, amendment 2 passed in Florida. That might sound okay for all you anti-gay marriage folks, but this amendment affects straight people as well. So now, if you have a significant other in the hospital with little or no family — you can’t visit them in the hospital! Ha! They gotcha! But no really, this is a sad day for the gay community and my condolences go out to them for this tragic loss.

On a lighter note, I salute you PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA!!! Protect ya neck!!!

And to all you McCain/Palin voters (well, the really mean ones) — now you see how it feels!!!!! We’ve dealt with this shit for 8 YEARS too many! Let go of your bullshit and unite with us during this historic time. And black people, give your white friend a hug today. They love you. Oh, and hug your Cuban friends too πŸ˜‰

Okay, I’m totally over this post now…I need an ibuprofen BADLY…


3 thoughts on “Barack Obama Wins US Election! Amendment 2 Passes in Florida :(

  1. I will never support this socialist because he is going to shit on this country and The Consitution and the Declaration of Independence. I guess him and nancy pelosi and harry reid can just go ahead and flush this country down the toilet. I guess no one cares that the people who really have undermined this country have done it from the inside and it was not George W Bush. Kiss my WHITE, America loving, gun toting, GOD loving ass. I didn’t agree with amendment to. You thought George Bush was bad in invading you life just wait you won’t be responsible enough to make any decisions at all. About you kids, money, whether or not you own a gun, free speech gone, media will still work because they blindly follow “the chosen one”. He needs to spend a little time to read about the founding fathers before speaking their name. I guess we will have to wait and see how far they flush us down the toilet. And no I did not support McCain I voted against this racist, socialist. Note to the government and barack hussein obama leave me alone. If you want the governments help give them your whole paycheck. FUCK THEM. I love this country but hate our politicians.

    Good Luck. See you in a depression

  2. OBAMAAAAA!!! Love this blog!

    I’m soooo proud of Florida & especially, the hippie liberals in California!!! Barack & rolllll!

    And yes, I’m deeply saddened about Amendment 2 passing! My poor gays 😦

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