The Whole World is Watching

Tomorrow is a make-or-break day for me. If candidate number 1 wins, I will gouge out my eyeballs and flee the country. If candidate number 2 wins, I will get very drunk and show up late to work the next day. But you all need to consider this: What does this election mean for the rest of the world?

People all over the world are anxious in anticipation to see how Americans vote in this election. Maybe for once we should listen to the world because our actions affect them as well. No matter how domestic we’d like to make this election, we need to realize that it’s not just about us anymore. We are a part of the international community. It is very sad that many Americans cannot even point Iraq out on a map and are the very same people going to the polls tomorrow. But we’ve got to make changes and we’ve got to select someone not based on our party preferences, but based on WHO IS MORE QUALIFIED. Come on, if there was no such thing as the republican party or the democratic party and you had to interview these two for the job, who would you pick?

If you’re wondering right now why the international community is more inclined toward Obama, I will tell you right now, the world is a little fucking scared of McCain running for office. Not that he’s completely unqualified, but because of HOW he relates to people. He is highly known for his temper, something that could cripple our international reputation in international relations. Not to mention he’s voted with President Bush over 90% of the time, is a warmonger, etc. But some Americans just don’t give a shit about the people in our own country, better yet the international community. It is sad and may never go away just like racism, economic inequality, and stupidity.

Anyways if you’re curious here are some issues of concern for the international community:

  • In war-weary Iraq, locals are suspicious that the U.S. candidates are offering “honey promises” that will not spur much change;
  • For Israelis and Palestinians, the United States is the traditional powerbroker in peacemaking and the next president could be critical for the peace process;
  • Mexicans worry about the stewardship of a U.S. economy that is intertwined with the lives of millions in America’s southern neighbor;
  • Many in Pakistan wonder about the impact on the war being fought in Afghanistan — and whether the fighting will continue to spill over its borders;
  • For ordinary Iranians, the question will be how the next president will affect the sometimes strained relations between Washington and Tehran;
  • Cubans are watching closely the election of their northern neighbor, which strictly enforces an economic embargo;
  • In Britain, America’s close military ally and cultural cousin, the new foreign and defense policies will be especially scrutinized;
  • And in Poland, locals wonder what the leadership change means for the planned U.S. missile defense system based on their soil.
  • So please when you’re standing in line to vote don’t think about how Obama rhymes with Osama. Because if you do, you are stupid and you are the reason why the American education system is near the very bottom compared to the rest of the world. And you should also consider that since the rest of the world is smarter, maybe we should listen. Do the right thing people.

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