In Case You Didn’t Know

Terrorist Attacks in Mumbai India is currently investigating the terrorist attacks that took place in Mumbai. Over 195 people have been killed in the attacks, including many from the international community. The attacks lasted over two days. Tensions have increased between India and Pakistan — with many Indians believing that Pakistan was behind the attacks. […]

Black Friday: Take a Life, Get Discounted Shit

If I were to ask you to describe American consumerism at its peak, what would you thinhk of? The economy in its current state, filled with credit freezes and homeowner bailouts. Or would you think of Black Friday? Unfortunately, the latter response wins. American consumers have mercilessly managed to take lives for the sake of […]

Juicy Campus:Talk About Your Friends Behind Their Backs!

I’m taking a break bitches. I’m not gonna lie. I’m pretty burned out from talking about politics, bailouts etc. This is also due to the fact that nothing has really changed in the last week that I feel inclined to rant about. How many times do I have to tell you all that the economy […]

R A G E !

To all of my fellow Floridians against hate: Get ready to rage bitches! Saturday is the day to get out and protest against Proposition 2! Here’s a post from ‘Protest for Equality’ on Facebook: End Discrimination Now! Join us for a protest in front of the City Hall!! Saturday the 15th of November at 12pm. […]

McCarthyism Has Returned! aka “Brounism”

                *This post is dedicated to those of you who think for some reason that American wasn’t already completely fucked before Obama became president. Let me tickle your brains.. So if you failed United States history, let me fill you in on what McCarthyism. During the 1950s, McCarthyism […]

Separate Church and State: The United States is Not a Theocracy

Come out come out wherever you are….that’s right California, because the gays are ready to whoop some legistlative ass! After the disappointment of the passing of prop 2 here in Florida, I’m hoping that justice will prevail in Cali All over California, equal rights demonstrations have increased, drawing more and more attention to the dumb […]