I Hate Celebrities, I Love Some Oliver Stone

Mmmmm...except this one ;)

Mmmmm...except this one 😉

Lately, I haven’t felt too inclined to post a lot of material on this blog. I haven’t seen anything too newsworthy because nothing’s seemed to change in the last week. Unemployment continues to rise, the markets are topsy-turvy, Angelina Jolie keeps buying babies…same old stuff. So instead, I’m going to blog some thoughts of mine to take up space, so here goes….

I’m feeling gayer than Clay Gayken to see “W”! I know it’s already out, but due to the fact that I have college senioritis, I have to put it on hold until later this week unless I find some adderall. However, I’m excited as hell to see this new Oliver Stone movie and its humanistic depiction of George Dubya Bush. What that means for those of who you don’t understand, is that it’s not really biased — it’s Dubya as a man behind the scenes. I can’t wait for the drunken/coked-up ragers he has as well as his fight with daddy. Of course, it’s bound to piss off a few people, but they can suck it up and move to Alaska and secede from the union for all I care. I can’t wait to see this movie 🙂

Anyway…you know what got me thinking the other day? What if all of these annoying rich Hollywood celebrities that endorse democratic candidates are doing so to protect their own ass? I mean, are they supporting a candidate that would stick up for the middle class to resist a class war? Are they afraid that they would be the first lined on the wall first if there were a revolution? Hmmmm…makes you think, doesn’t it? I really wish they realized that they get paid to act, not to voice their political opinion and impose on the public. An academy award does not make you a political scientist (ahem, George Clooney…wait, did he win an academy award yet?) I also think it’s disgusting how the media puts our attention to these people 24/7. I mean, People mag pays un-talented photographers aka paparazzi thousands of dollars to find and take pix of these people…not saying the celebs DON’T want this, it’s just crazy how fucking quick we are to throw money around for stupid shit in this country.

Also, will someone please euthanize Miley Cyrus? No wait, I’m sorry….I really thought she was a dog. This 15 year old is everywhere, and word has it that she’s banging some 20 year old dude. I really hate that laws don’t apply to celebrities…please put this guy away solely based on the fact that it’s considered STATUTORY RAPE…and he’s pathetic. I mean, wtf do they have in common anyway? Oh yeah, they’re BANGING.

Ugh…I’m going to have to end this blog because I feel like Perez Hilton right now. I don’t hate all celebrities (I would do many naughty things to Christian Bale — please watch every Christian Bale movie, especially American Psycho) it’s just really sad to see so much horrible shit happening in this country to be completely overshadowed by a bunch of overprivileged people that make tons of money reciting words from memory. So put down that issue of People or OK Magazine and save that shit for later….and pay attention to your own life. Anyway, here’s the trailer for “W”!


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