Third (boring) Presidential Debate

Yeah, alright. I watched the debate last night. And I’m sure you all expect me to say who I thought won or go into some in depth analysis and start fact checking. But I’m not going to do that, since it’s already been decided by everyone else (over 50% think Obama won), and I’m too lazy to go over the whole debate. Watch it or go to CNN. Anyway I have to admit, that pepaw John McCain busted out of the gate with gloves on, diaper changed. Ok ok, no old people jokes. I was a little worried he would poop his pants because of how he tenses up when he’s angry. Poor little guy…

So the debate of course was centered around the economy and the measures that should be taken to fix it. Considering how cynical I am, I think it’s going to take more than a bunch of pretty words and direct eye contact into the camera to pull this one off. I don’t even want to get into that. But good ‘ol Joe the Plumber was the center-piece of McCain’s attack on Obama and whose taxes are going to cost him more since his business will make $250,000+ per year. McCain kept mentioning this guy the way Guiliani mentioned 9/11. So yeah, it got pretty stale after a while.

‘”Obama explained his tax plan in depth, saying it’s better to lower taxes for Americans who make less money, so that they could afford to buy from his business. John McCain attacked Obama for this exchange, saying the Illinois senator is trying to “spread the wealth around.”‘ Many Americans feel this is fair because if you’re making $250K, then you’re not hurting as much.

Makes sense right? So there’s Joe the Plumber’s answer. And where was Joe Sixpack when this conversation was going on?

The debate also went into education, with Obama offering a $4,000 tax credit for students that perform services in or around their community (military, peace corp, etc.) McCain believes in vouchers and reformation of no child left behind so that we don’t spend too much on education. We should provide more affordable student loans with better payment schedules, bonuses for teachers and other rewards. I don’t know about you guys, but the fact that we fall behind worldwide in math/science is terrible for our national security. Education is an investment and should be treated like one. If both ideas were written on paper in front of me, I’d probably pick Obama’s plan…because I’m a Ramen noodle eating, poor ass student with loans — McCain is strong in his K-12 initiatives, but didn’t really talk about affording college education.

And then it happened. The debate about…dun dun dun…ABORTION. I think you can guess what happened. One is liberal about abortion, one is conservative. McCain vows to select judges that have an excellent track record and having the state tell what a woman should do with her body instead of the federal government — since McCain after all is a federalist. Obama, dubbed by McCain as being the radical leftist, feels the issue itself is challenging and not easy. He doesn’t believe in late term abortion. He would also like to provide education for dumb teenagers that don’t know about condom use, and other alternatives like adoption.

McCain started out strong, but his mistakes were a) appearing to be your mean, senile grandfather, and b) spending most of his pepaw energy attacking Obama instead of tackling the issues head on. Let’s not forget, Americans don’t vote based on who will do the best job. They vote based on who looks better and who won’t die in office and leave everything to Sarah Palin. And by the way…Europe is totally making fun of that one.


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