Girl Bestows Weed-Laced Goodies On Teachers

Now that I got that off political shit off my chest, now’s the time for the really good news.

A 15 year old girl was kicked out of Wortley High School recently after baking some cupcakes laced with marijuana and giving them to two teachers.

The teachers complained that soon after eating them, they began to feel dizzy and “violently ill.”

The UK Sun reports:

‘”Doctors said that they had been drugged — probably with cannabis.

Senior staff at Wortley High School in Leeds, West Yorks, launched an immediate investigation.
Other teachers were quizzed to check they had not also been poisoned. The assistants were discharged from hospital hours later and returned to school the next day.

They decided not to lodge a formal complaint — so no tests were carried out on the cakes.
But the GCSE student was temporarily suspended by head teacher Gill Knutsson. After being interviewed by education officials, she was removed to another school in the city “to complete her education”.

Staff were said to be “shocked and stunned”. They are understood to have been warned about accepting food from pupils in the future.
A source said: “It was impossible to confirm exactly what the girl had put in the cakes because there were no toxicology tests.”‘

And lucky for this girl, they decided not to press charges. And why should they? That should have made their day. It definitely would have made the rest of the teaching day more interesting.

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