Stoners Beware! Feds Wasting Taxpayer Money…Again

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The Infamous Johnny Boone

The Feds are currently searching for a 65-year old man named Johnny Boone aka The Godfather of Grass of the Cornbread Mafia, famous in the late 1980s (Reaganite era) and once lead the world’s largest domestic Marijuana ring. Great man. He was seized over 20 years ago for having 200 tons of Marijuana! I’m shaking with happiness while I type this! Now, the dirty Feds want to rack him up on new charges — for even smaller amounts. Amounts small enough to put his ass in jail for a long time 😦
But luckily, the Pepaw is a very beloved man by his community and even Maxim magazine. WKLY reports:

“Everybody around here’s got a story about Johnny Boone,” said a man who called himself “Mike.”

“I know he’s done stuff that he’s not supposed to be doing, but I still like him,” said family friend Ann Faye Sallee.

“He’s a hell of a good feller,” said childhood friend Bernie Lay. “And I think it’d damn shame that they railroad the man for few pot plants.”

Some say he looks like a cross between Jerry Garcia and Santa Claus, but Boone’s probably more popular, at least in the drug world. He’s had a write-up in Maxim magazine, and there’s a book in the works.

“He’s probably one of the most well-liked, well-respected fugitives I think we’ve ever dealt with,” said U.S. Marshal Rick McCubbin.”

In 1987, the pepaw and his crew of 73 were captured and sentenced to many decades in Federal Pound Me in the Ass Prison. They were even accused of smuggling the green gold inside of cattle during the cold climates. The hatin’ ass feds also said that the “DEA’s got paper on him, 2,500 plants or so,” said McCubbin. “He’s wanted on a federal warrant, so we don’t have a choice but to attempt to arrest him.”

Boone is currently on the run, and the pepaw is nowhere to be seen (of course). If convicted, he could face up to 600 months in prison. And if anyone decides to be a snitch, there’s a $10,000 reward for that too. But, due to much love for the pepaw, no one wants to cooperate with the Feds:

“The U.S. marshals, if that’s all they got to do, we don’t need no U.S. marshals,” Lay said.

“Got no idea where he is,” Mike said. “If I knew, I wouldn’t tell them anyway. Go, Johnny!”

And I agree. The US Marshal also released a number to contact if you happen to run into the infamous pepaw. But I’m not putting it on this website cause this guy is the shit. RUN BOONE, RUN!!!!!!!

21 thoughts on “Stoners Beware! Feds Wasting Taxpayer Money…Again

  1. there are alot worse things and people the authorities should be worried about. how bout getn some rapists , pedophiles and murderers off the streets. pot would be legal any way if the crooked government could figure out a way to collect taxes on. keep johnny free!!!!!!!!

    • u got that right. theres probably a rapist living in in each one of our neighborhoods. but their free and just waiting for the perfect time to strike again.

  2. I agree! This is a sad pathetic example of our gov at their best. They want this man for 600 months in prison for growing grass….un-freggin believable when they sit their and give life sentences to murderers who parole on 4 years like its going out of style. WTF is wrong with them…Their should be a common sense law in the “big book”. They need to get their heads out of their ass and change these laws and put the money they spend housing these inmates for 600 months(bs)and put it toward health care, or the countries deficit.

    I would also ask that anyone who reads this comment to voice your opinions loudly and broadcast them in as many forums newsletters as you can so that maybe, just maybe one day the gov will wake up and see this is not a crime of hate and should not be a felony charge.

    • LOL the government will never listen to what we hav to say. your votes dont even make a difference on what president u get. this country is not the home of the free. unfortunatly being born n2 this country is seen in my eyes as extremely unfortuante.

      • jasmine, the great thing about being born in America is…. if it’s unfortunate to live here? then LEAVE!!!!!! THATS WHATS SEEN IN MY EYES!!!!!! and if you don’t believe me just ask an AMERICAN SOLDIER

  3. “Despite an overly punitive policy toward marijuana in the U.S., Americans still use more marijuana.” Marijuana Myths, Marijuana Facts co-author Lynn Zimmer asks, “If the Dutch are using less marijuana, what purpose was served by arresting 642,000 Americans for possessing marijuana last year?”


    anyone interested

  4. Based on what the public is privy to… your opinions are not completely ridiculous. However, what you may not be aware of is how many murders Mr. Boone may be associated with, as well as multiple threats and counts of intimidating witnesses/people. And, what you believe about marijuana and its legalization is not the argument here. The argument is based on the simple fact that he has broken the current laws, not simply by cultivating the product, but by selling etc… By supporting Johnny Boone as a fugitive from the law, you are supporting “illegal” drugs being sold to your children, robbery, and murder. So I just implore you to think of the bigger picture before sparking that joint.

  5. @ Ignorance is Bliss~

    ….and I also respect some of your views; however,

    “how many murders Mr. Boone may be associated with, as well as multiple threats and counts of intimidating witnesses/people.”

    Ok, so how many murders? Also if your preaching hard evidence here then as far as I know he has never been convicted of any murder. Intimidating witnesses…..doesnt the law do that with every suspect/witness they bring into question. If someone steals from me I may be guilty of intimidating witnesses if I suspect of good reason. All of this rubbish is folk tale and is amplified by the media.

    “And, what you believe about marijuana and its legalization is not the argument here. The argument is based on the simple fact that he has broken the current laws, not simply by cultivating the product, but by selling etc…”

    Yes it is the argument here….the topic heading states “Stoners Beware! Feds Wasting Taxpayer Money…Again” I was arguing in the previous reply that it is “ignorant” spending millions on finding this man and housing him up for the rest of his life and that the laws should change. I went on to support that with statistics from _Lynn Zimmer_.

    “By supporting Johnny Boone as a fugitive from the law, you are supporting “illegal” drugs being sold to your children, robbery, and murder.”

    If you raise your children right and educate them properly then you shouldnt have a problem with drugs, robbery, or murder. 😉 People/children have always been exposed to dangerous substances….the government used to allow Bayer to sell morphine/heroin to women with PMS. You would receive by mail.

    “So I just implore you to think of the bigger picture before sparking that joint.”

    Ty and I will but I do not smoke. I just like to pay attention to these issues especially during these economical hardtimes. There is a reason for the Economical shape we are in and this is one of the reasons….wasting Gov money.

    Also I am curious on how the gov gets their funding for this kind of rubbish.

  6. Hello,

    Please remove the photo of Johnny Boone from your blog posting. I am writing on behalf of the person who took the picture, and that person would like the photograph removed from as many places as possible.

    This photograph you’ve posted was seized by the U.S. Marshals out of Boone’s house and then distributed to the media so people would recognize Johnny Boone and turn him in.

    If you want Johnny Boone to remain free, please remove this picture of him immediately. If you have any questions, feel free to email me.


  7. hey that guy is like Jesus to me. i would kiss his feet if i saw him. i say we say he is in Africa or something and collect the award and if any one sees him give the man some money. if hes running hes gonna need money.

  8. this man should be an inspiration to all he lived the american dream till the feds decided to take it all away in my eyes the man has done nothing wrong. i think its bullshit that amw would air such things as the suicide of his son and girlfriend to try an tarnish this outstanding citizen just to get someone to turn him in if they had any kind of evidence that he had something to do with this it would not have been ruled a suicide the case would still be open. the only thing this man is guilty of is tring to make america a better and helping out those in need wheres his justice and freedom

  9. I have never heard of John Boone untill the Americas Most Wanted show the other night. I think that AMW wasted air time that they could have used looking for real criminals like child rapists and killers. Instead they are spending time and money on a person who grew some MJ plants and is loved by everyone in his community. ( And from what I have read would help out his fellow man any chance he got ) I think all the rumors about murder are just nonsense dreamed up by the feds so someone will hopefully turn him in. If they really thought he was a killer they would have him charged with murder in a second. If I bumped into him I would help him out anyway I could and I dont even smoke the weed. I just think it is crazy to take away a mans life for growing pot when a more deserving person could have his cell in the crow bar hotel. About a year ago our house was broken into by a guy who has been busted several times breaking into houses and robbing locals at gun point. My wife could not sleep for a month! The local cops caught him after he robbed a 70 year old man at gun point for his prescription pills. The cops had him do a controlled buy of marijuana from a local man selling pot to feed his family and then let him off with no charges. Now he is walking the streets and was never punished. My wife still wakes up at night scared to death. This man has caused more fear and pain to many people than that bag of grass could ever cause! I just dont understand!

  10. hahaha this is great. boone is awsome, i wish i had a t-shirt to support the guy in public. the way i c it is, the government is decieving the ppl in so many ways than most anyone knows.if the government could figure out a way to make money off the greenery(wich wouldnt be difficult) then it would probly be legal. i cant say i agree with the murders but so what if he grew a massive amount of greenery! thats great news, this man is still running and is clearly proving that this system of government can be outsmarted. Its a lesson learnd for all of us. we really should be more observant to the ppl and things happeneing around us. notice most the ppl who support him are stoners who just think it would be grand to have a whole lot of weed growing on their property. now i have no objecive to that but we “the people” need to be more knowledgeable. anyways RUN BOONE RUN ILL SMOKE A DOOBIE WITH YOU ANYTIME.!

  11. While I completely agree with what I’ve seen of your views on pot legalization, I’m afraid you are illinformed regarding Mr. Boone. I have some familiarity with him through family, friends, and generally living around him. He has been a tragedy to his own family who are by all I can see wonderful but suffering people. He recently fathered a son with a girlfriend before he split town. The young girl with whom he had the boy (Johnny’s still married, by the way.) committed suicide and the boy is being raised by a collection of well-intentioned but stressed family members on both sides.
    Mr. Boone has become something of a romantic figure with overblown stories of his Robin Hood characteristics buttressing his support. However, I can tell you surely that he is a man who has done more harm in this world than good.
    I admit that I am not using my real name or email address because of my close family connection. Take this for what it’s worth.

    • Leander, pot is far less harmful than alcohol!!!! THE FACT REMAINS, OUR,YOUR FEDERAL GOVERNMENT commits more crimes than you or i will EVER know. I love AMERICA and what we have as a civil society. but THE FACTS REMAINS; 1: Johnny Boone IS a good ole boy!!! 2: OUR, YOUR federal Gov. (cia) allowed cocaine to easily flow into AMERICA during the 80’s so the monies made could fund other covert operations. THEY had a handle on it. THEY don’t have a handle on MR. Boone. OUR,YOUR government has caused the tragedy on MR. Boones family. if they were not wasting OUR,YOUR tax money MR.Boone would be sitt’n on a creek bank w/ his grandchildren fishing !

  12. Hey Johnny. I am there for you. You take care of yourself. I am out and wishing you the best. Only a “Corn Muffin” Ha Ha. Hope you find this and are doing well.

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