Sarah Palin is hot, stupid

...because Biden hurts the eyes.
…because Biden hurts the eyes.

Last night while I was still sober enough to care, I tuned in like millions of Americans to watch the Sarah Palin get her naughty ass spanked.
Ok…so it wasn’t that cool, but still Biden appeared to be victorious. Palin spent most of her sexy time changing the subject and answering questions “on her terms” which kind of defeats the purpose of debating. Anyhottie, Biden fired hard not so much on Palin, but on McCain. He was super pissed when Palin commented that Obama wanted to raise taxes that would eventually hurt Americans. He basically said “bitch, stop lyin” and checked her ass real quick. However, Republicans are still pleased with how well Palin did compared to her other televised performances speeches. Check out this clip below:

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