Kurt Cobain’s Ashes To Be Smoked By Crazy German Artist

Some crazy bitch (in Germany of course) is planning on smoking the ashes of beloved Seattle matyr, Kurt Cobain. This is all going to be part of an exhibition show of Artist Natascha Stellmach and will be at the Set Me Free exhibition at Berlin’s Wagner + Partner gallery.

She plans on rolling a nice fat spliff, part of her final act entitled “Gone.” Gee, how original. She wants to release Kurt from the media and into ether. And of course, this bitch won’t say where she got the remains.

“That’s confidential and kind of magic. They came to me. And I am setting him free.”


Anycrazybitchy, I don’t know what to believe. His ashes were stolen from Courtney Love’s house…but I smell something foul going on. I hope that bitch smokes herself into some sort of trance she’ll never be able to get out of…like that one time I did acid and the clowns took me prisoner….anyway, it’s been 14 years since his death. Let the man rest!


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