Jacksonville Boy Gets Ass Whooped By Black Belt Of Fury



Ha ha ha.

In Jacksonville, FL (of course) some 10 year old badass named Trequan (I’m not kidding) got his ass beat with a belt after throwing a piece of paper out of the window from his school bus. Because of the incident, the driver has been fired. The bus driver has had many problems with the 5th grader, and decided that whooping his ass was the only solution. Here’s what the boy’s mother had to say:

‘”Me as a parent, I put my trust in these people to carry my kid to and from school safe, and this is what happened,” said Trequan’s mother, Anita Cummings.”‘

She now plans on taking further action against the bus-driver.

Anybeating, don’t you all remember what it was like riding the bus? I remember taunting the bus driver, getting everyone to see “hail to the bus driver, bus driver man. He stinks and he cusses he smells up the busses….” and that motherfucker proceeded to cuss my ass out. Think about what that bus driver must have been going through. He might have caught the clap from that bitch Tonya from down the road, his home may be foreclosed, or maybe he didn’t have a bowl to smoke this morning. Sometimes I want want to pull off my belt when some passive mom lets her child act a fool in the middle of the store. But no, it’s wrong…and until then, I have to keep my bitch-checker tight around my waist.


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