Actors Want More $$ — So Does Everyone Else

The Film Actors Guild

The Film Actors Guild

The Screen Actor’s Guild (SAG — I wish it were Film Actor’s Guild — FAG like in Team America) is hoping to get authorization for a strike because life is not fair. Because $75,000 an episode is not enough! I mean, getting a private suite in Cabos is like $6,000 a night! Come on!

The Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers thinks these bitches are crazy.

“It is unrealistic for SAG negotiatiors now to expect even better terms during this grim financial climate,” the AMPTP said in a statement. “This is the harsh economic reality, and no strike will change that reality.”

Next the SAG will meet October 18th, needing only a simple majority to approve a strike vote. Whatever. More work for more grateful bitches — who do they think they are, writers? And if they do stop working, oh well. Movies suck nowadays anyway. Or, they could hire a bunch of broke ass college students like myself. The strike might be a good thing though — I need to start reading more books again anyway.

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